the scorpion

the scorpion skittered across my foot
I looked at it very closely and thought “Huh…”
then it was gone
I was back from whatever fantasy
I had been participating in
there was this pressure
on the top of my head
coming from the inside
my eye was bulging
the scorpion clawed its way
out of my ear
delivering a little sting
as a calling card
it made a path down my arm
then down my leg, then
the scorpion skittered across my foot
I looked at it very closely…

– GB

All Is Quiet Tonight

My friend, whom I never knew
Except from the lines of your songs
What must it have been like
Over the last few years
You went on creating
Even when your hands
Could not support you

Now that you are gone
I listen to your music
Thinking of you quite often
Hope you are in a special place
Beneath an immense star filled sky

– GB

Little Dreams

Little dreams
From little dosings
Take me to many
Little places
Full of

Little dreams
From little dosings
Trying to show me
Where I can go
Who I can be
How to survive
Holing my head
Against the board
Pressing precious pieces
Through the grates
Of questioned reality

– GB

Trying is Tiring

Trying is tiring,
Hoping my broken
Mind can reach out
And pull the rest of me
Out of this comfortable bed

To brick up
Every unfortunate thing
I can remember
Taking place in my life

If I cannot see it
It never happened

I rue the day
That I learned
The past can’t be changed

I continue to wish
It wasn’t so,

Trying is tiring

– GB