My Reason

There is a reason
For my being
For my waking
For my doing
For my breathing
In and out and in again

There is a reason
For my thinking
For my dreaming
For my creating
For my writing

There is a reason
For my laughing
For my smiling
For my patience
For my loving

She, is the reason
For all of this
And more
She, is the reason
The reason
My reason


That I Love Her

I woo her
With my words
I spin them around
In my head
Making them fly
Making them fit
Making them convey
One simple feeling
Telling her in myriad ways
That I adore her
That I want her
That I need her…
In my life
That I love her…
That I love her…
That I love her

again, though still

it’s so easy to fall in love with you
again, though still
jumping into it
again, though still
with no fear
with no regrets
with everything I have ever wanted
craving to find out
everything I never knew I wanted
making it all one love
again, though still
when the moment finally struck me
when all at once you were right there
ready to love me back
it was so easy to fall in love with you
again, though still


planning for forever

how can she just reemerge like that?
simple talk of times past
sharing the details of our lives
like we always do when we come together
but this time…

this time we came together
and we never parted
what a wonderful
what a beautiful
what an amazing thing it is
sharing the moments of our lives
making new ones
planning for forever


I Saw Your Face

I saw your face
And that was all I needed
To confirm what has been
Living inside of me
For such a long time,
I cannot explain
All the reasons
They are too many
Too complex
To understand,
I don’t think
I understand
All of the reasons myself
But I know this,
You are here now
And you are mine,
And that answers
Any questions
I may have


why you, why now?

it is because
you don’t often get
second chances in this life

I was wrong before
I was an idiot
I was blind and deaf

I was careless
with both of us

I have to take this
second chance
that we have been given

I have to take it
and nurture it
and turn it into
something we have always
known it could be