Worst Words

The worst words
Written in despicable strokes
Popping the top off of
Every daisy
Crunch of bottles raw
Against the gravel driveway
Nothing can be unsaid
When uttered in that way
The time for forgiveness
Is gone
It will never see another day



Go ’round

It will never combine
No words
No volume
No faint whiff of perfume
You may catch hold
Of each one separately
But this world may even
Be too old for that
Try for the words
Try for the perfume
Those two together
Can make the world
Go ’round


69 Times

I feel it tighter
The flow moving slower
I anticipate
The flow stopping

Nothing passes
All is possible
One encompasses

I have always been here
It feels so new
Since the first time
I hold it to my chest

Omniscient waves break
Over the bough
Everything for all
Who feel the spray

Gather round and listen
To the voice of wisdom
To the voice of treachery
To the voice of reason
They are all the same color
They are all the same
They are tighter
They are flowing slower
The flow



When the copper stops buzzing in your brain
And the sweat pours down your neck
I will be there to hold you when the spasm begins

The application of pain is the measure
Tolerance raises the bar for the next
It’s hard to tell where the victory lies
The strange attractors have done their damage

Down deep, enveloped in gloom
Cast by the only bulb in the cavernous hall
You prepare to put on your show,
Daring to expose all in attendance
As patrons of the darkest art of all

You mime kindness
Whisper intimacy
Talk of hope
Shriek out love

The cacophony deafens
Voices drawn tight
Refusing to admit
That the one thing they have in common…
Is the hardest thing
To achieve



When the edges get stretched
They crack and crumble
They let things in
Things change
And the value decreases
Except to those who know

Be one of the ones
That look for stretched, cracked
And crumbling edges
Smile at imperfection
Seek out something damaged

Edges that crack and crumble
Allow things in as well


Sweet P

I woke up in the middle of the night
My chest was empty and heavy
I turned over to find our Sweet P

Snuggled up between us on the bed
Purring like there was no tomorrow
I put my hand on her
She let out a quiet squawk
To let me know she knew

My hand found yours
Are fingers entwined
Cradling her small body
We were the brightest stars in the universe

Ever so slowly
Our sweet baby’s breathing grew short
She began to fade,
Not harshly,
Not laboured,
On her own terms
She went slowly
Communing with us
Showing us that this was the last of her wishes
With a tiny squawk
Miss P let out her final breath
And closed her eyes
In mere moments she was gone

With our hands still clasped
We stayed there for a while…
I fell asleep

When I stirred we still held hands
But Prudence was gone
I could feel my tears on my pillow

Just then, beyond belief
Not sure of this new encounter
A squawk at the top of her lungs
And little bounce tiny stride
Sweet P climbed in between us
And demanded to be seen and heard
You can be sure she was
You can be sure she was


A Kiss

If if were real
And I could hold it in your hand
That would be a blessing
For my reality

When you become actual
A little at a time
I can kiss tiny pieces
Until you are whole

As time draws circles
Around our embrace
Slowly tightening it’s grasp,
I rejoice amidst the pressure
Squeezing us into one

When when has space
Enough to breathe
I inhale deeply
Filling my entire being
With you

Now is then
When we first were we
Fighting through a wave
For something
We might have known
Would set us on a path
To somewhere
We still exist

I stay awake all week
Dreaming of you
And when we finally meet
Those words
That changed our course
A kiss