Your head is on my tattered satin pillow
You sleep because that’s what we should
Both be doing after a night like that
But I don’t and what I really mean is that
I can’t because I want you to wake up
So I can ask your name then tell you to leave.
Unless maybe you want to,
Once more, you know, for old time’s sake
Those old times are so…

Last Night

What I really mean is,
I wish I didn’t have to ask you to go
I wish you weren’t part of my coping, part of my disease
Because I think that I could make something of this
But you know that can’t happen
Because I am the same thing to you that you are to me
So please wake up, don’t tell me your name,
And get out so I can stop looking at your face
On my tattered satin pillow

— GB


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