Trying to Remember

I am trying to remember
The last time you were here
It was during an episode
You came to my rescue

A week in the hospital
I didn’t want to stay
You signed me out early
The only one who would dare

I stayed at your house
You kept an eye on me
I was elated
To know you cared

We took walks in the park
We went back to that beach
You took me to your family’s
Cabin up in the woods

You slept on the couch
So I would get plenty of sleep
This wasn’t the time
For physical things

When it came time
To see the doctor
You took me and stayed
No one ever did that for me

I watch the sun
At the horizon
At OUR beach
I am sad that
You are not here

I smile at the same time
Knowing you’re at home
Getting dinner
Ready for us

— GB


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