The Lie

Why do you go down to the basement?
To see the worst of people, it’s the lowest point

Why not go up to the roof then?
People lie about their high points,
Usually fibbing about their accomplishments

Don’t people lie about both?

When people lie about their high points
They are creating something
The highs may be fictitious
But they are obscured by the lie

When people lie about their lows
They are omitting something
There is nothing there
To obscure the truth of the low

The lows are real
They are there for the world to see

— GB


2 thoughts on “The Lie

  1. i enjoyed reading this you are a wonderful writer, though i do have one thing for you to overanalyze and over think… if someone belives something to be true, doesent that make it true even if its only the truth to them? sometimes i remember high points to be a little more grandiose then someone else who was there but maybe thats because my standards are lower when it comes to determining a high point for myself and my view, than the other person has for themselves. 🙂 very good writing though made me think a little into it and try to relate it to my mind and my life. 🙂

  2. That’s an interesting idea. For me, high points, if I remember them, are really really high. It’s always higher to me that anyone who may be around because I’m the one who’s closest to it, I’m the one experiencing it. “Bystanders” are just that. They can’t experience this high the way I can.

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