A Dream from Sometime in the Past Decade

Somehow I lost my left arm just below the shoulder. And then I’m walking around this shopping mall that has really narrow hallways, like the back halls of a mall only the stores open up to the hallway. Each of the stores only sells one product, like one sells softballs, one sells windshield washer fluid, one sells bottles of Ice Coffee and I’m walking around with Henry. Then I run into Kim and her daughter. The mall is closing and we walk out of the mall. I am parked all the way over on the other side, Kim says she wants to go see Chicago and afterwards she’ll drive me to my car. So Kim and her daughter and I walk into the exit door of the theater and sit down. The movie is just ending and people are walking out. We get up and move to some seats in the middle. At that point an usher comes over and tells us to leave, we start arguing with her and she leaves us alone for a few minutes. Then Kim sees a friend who is with his kids and asks him for his ticket stubs in case the usher comes back. He tells her no and leaves. Then the usher comes back with 2 others and kicks us out. We go to Kim’s car and she drives me to McDonald’s. I tell her that I have to take a shower and rebandage my missing arm. I keep telling her that I can feel the fingers on my missing hand itching. I go inside and up to the president’s office. I strip down to my underwear and get in the shower. As soon as I turn the water on roaches start coming out of the cracks in the walls and from under the tub. There’s a toilet in the middle of the shower and I stand up on it and start spraying the roaches with soap. I can see some people standing outside the bathroom in a little hallway, two women and a little boy but I don’t know who they are. They’re just standing and watching like I was a TV show. I yell for them to come help me but they don’t even look like they can hear me. The roaches keep coming out of the cracks but they are running down the drain and not getting near me. Every time I spray them with soap they come out of the crack faster. I jump from the toilet out of the tub, I land on a bunch or roaches and they squish between my toes and I slip on them and fall forward. I tried to catch myself with the arm that isn’t there and hit the stump and my head on the floor. Then I wake up.


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