I am in awe at the sound that is reaching my ears
You are across the room dancing
Letting the music guide your body
The beat is overwhelming
The melody soars to infinity
Bodies are grinding together
Dancers mash in sync, move as one

You move so sensually through the crowd
I want to find a dark corner
I grab your hands
You force them above our heads
Your body pressed against mine
We start to move in time
Our mouths press together
Your tongue pushing the sweet pill onto mine

We move into the main crowd
Sliding sweatily through the mass
Our hands never losing each other’s touch
The music is relentless
The DJ a god
Always knowing what we need and just when to drop the beat
The lights blaze halos above our heads
Every dancer a frozen aura
The strobes stop the motion of the manic commotion
The DJ moves the beat up to thrill

In the middle of the floor
The little pills take sway
Light and sound merge and fill the room as one
I can see the soaring melody
Reach your ears and move your feet
My hands find your hips
Pull you close as the beat rips
A hole in the top of my head
I watch as the sky breaks through the roof
And reaches for the stacks of speakers
We embrace as the sky attacks
You glow orange and I glow blue
Then we kiss and there is nothing anymore
Just the two of us floating
All we have is our own personal gravity
Melody bends light around us
We grope in ecstasy
Our bodies one
Blossom through all the colors of the rainbow
We tumble through space and time
Every move creating something divine
Light and sound mold the satiation of desire.

Spent and weary
We descend to the floor
Where the DJ spins on and on
The crowd continues to move in time
Hand in hand we share a sensuous kiss
In each other’s arms the night continues
We slowly move to the perimeter of the crowd
We stand listless holding on to each other
The show caresses our souls.

When the music finally stops
The quiet drowns out any sound
We join the masses and head for the doors
Back to our place and to our bed
We sleep the exhausted sleep
Of couples all across the city

— GB


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