When you finally turn the TV off and roll over she is there.  Hoping that you have made a hole in your night that will answer all her questions.  All you want is sleep.  She pokes and prods and won’t back down.  There is no where you can turn.  Pulling the pillow over your head amplifies her presence.  She is everywhere you toss and turn.  Finally you give up and go to the kitchen.  Warming a cup of coffee pulls your mind away from her for a moment.  She will not relent.  Her demanding presence is right there with you.  A slithering struggle at the base of your skull.  What she wants is not yours to give.  Explaining that to her will take the rest of the night.  One misplaced word could cost the rest of your life.  The too hot cup burns and slips from your hand.  She snatches it just before it shatters.  Then she comes at you swinging for your skull.  “Where are you going to be ten years from now?”  “Probably right here trying to get something hot to drink”  Spinning on your heel you escape to the hall.  She’s stuck right to you there will be no way out.  In your ear her soft breath murmurs “I want everything that you are” “Can’t you just take everything that I have”  The hall goes dark, the stars come out, you fall to your knees and she’s back for more.  “Now that you’re down there you can see what is real, you need some perspective.”  You’re crawling away, you need to get to your bed.  If you can get some sleep maybe she’ll disappear.  She’s at your heels following every move.  You get to your room and she pulls you up short.  “If you can’t do anything else… Give me your heart”



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