Where Am I Going?

Sometimes I am focused when I’m writing.  Sometimes, well, I’m not.  In those times I think I start off pretty well. I’m going along, I’m on target, things are gelling, then I derail.  I find that what I’m talking about at the beginning is not necessarily related to what I’m talking about at the end.  At times even in the middle.  I guess it is an illustration of how well I’m focusing on things at the time.  I try to have laser focus throughout the post.  Then it’s all butterflies and unicorns.  Which never coexist by the way.  Butterflies are deadly poison to unicorns so unicorns do their best to avoid them at all costs……. heh-heh-heh see what I did there 🙂

But seriously, a good example of this phenomenon is a post I did a few days ago called Aimless Journey where I start off talking about feeling like I had no purpose, then to saying nothing rhymes with orange and I end up in Florida and Key West.  I guess the name of the post was apt.


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