As I sat on the edge of my bed this morning trying to clear the cobwebs away I realized that it wasn’t just cobwebs.  I am also battling a little cold.  There’s a bit of a headache, but most of all, my sinuses are all clogged up.  Isn’t that just a wonderful was to start a day?  In addition to that there were these words stuck up in there too.  It’s the last verse and chorus from “Avalanche” by Lowen & Navarro.

I told you a story
You should have believed me the first time
Well I painted you a picture
I couldn’t stay between the lines
There’s no route I can follow
There’s nothing I can take
There ain’t no pill that I can swallow
There’s no smile that I can fake
That would make me feel less crazy

I can see it coming
But I just can’t turn back the tide
And it’s hard on me
To have to be the witness
To this avalanche inside


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