Blogging Process

So all the playing around with HTML and inline “style” parameters made me wonder, because I’m a curious kind of fellow, what you guys out there do to your posts, before they become posts. Leaving out the formatting, here’s what I do:

  • I start the post off in the OpenOffice Writer. It’s like using MS Word. I use it primarily for text completion and spelling. It’s a free word processor so I put it to good use. I also use it so I can have an offline copy of my post. I would be upset if WordPress went down and something happened to all of my posts.
  • Then I copy and paste my completed post in a text editor. I’ve used Crimson Editor for as long as I can remember as my text editor of choice. I do this so that any formatting that is added by the word processor will get stripped off. I was having problems going from OpenOffice directly into the WordPress New Post page, I was getting extra line spaces and a couple of other things. (Plus, Crimson Editor is a great HTML and style editor)
  • Finally I copy what I have in Crimson Editor and paste it into the WordPress New Post Page. Before I started using HTML in my posts, which was yesterday, I pasted into the “Visual” editor and used the buttons there to do any formatting I needed. Now that I am using the HTML I post into the “Text” editor and do my formatting by hand. It may take longer but I get the look I want, most times a look I can’t get from using just the buttons.

So, what process do you guys, my fellow bloggers, use to create and post content to your blog? I’m very interested in your answers. If some of you use HTML as well, I’d love to hear about that too.


2 thoughts on “Blogging Process

  1. all i do now is go to “new post” and start writing and then publish it. that’s a great idea to write it somewhere else before posting it to wordpress. if wordpress lost my writings, i would be upset too. good point. i’ll start doing that.

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