How long does it take to dissolve
Into nothingness after you stop
Existing in your own mind

Root through your gray matter
Tell me if you remember me
I need to have some indication
That I exist in someone’s mind
Before I cease to exist in my own

I certainly don’t feel like I
Exist anywhere else

— GB


3 thoughts on “Existence

    • Your words inspired me to write a response.

      A Response to ‘Existence’

      One exists most fully
      in times of turmoil.
      When all feels lost
      all is real.
      Yes, existence seems
      like a far off farce
      when nothingness is more appealing
      then embracing angst and agony,
      but to sink into emptiness
      is to sacrifice the unity
      that comes from existing
      within the whole of humanity,
      To willingly void out
      your own existence
      from the mind
      is to steal away
      pieces of meshed reality
      from all those who
      embody you-
      and there are many that embody you.
      If you only exist as words on a page,
      if you only exist in the memories
      of those who would rather forget,
      If you only exist
      because you’d rather not,
      I ask you – is that is existing at all,
      and if it is,
      is it the existence you prefer?

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