Starts and Ends

For my 300th post I have collected the unfinished pieces I have written relating to ending an old relationship. The pieces all start out well but quickly end never to be completed. The pieces are in that way comparable to that relationship. She has ended the relationship but I have to put an end to it in my mind to ensure that it is in fact over with. Did any of that make any sense? Anyhow… here they are:

I am outraged for you
That I have decided
To call it quits
While you are with him
Of all the nerve

I have come here to tell you
That you are no longer in my life
It is something you have known
For a long time, it just took me
A while to come to the same

Now that you are
Gone from me
I have to find
Someone new to hate
And long for
At the same time

I have set out to end it with you
Only I am not going to have any luck
You ended it with me some time ago
And there is nothing to end any more
If I could get that through my thick skull
I could just think it and it would be so

How do you end a relationship with
Someone that has already ended it
With you

It should be a simple “It’s over with”
And that is all there is to say about

There are a thousand reasons
Why I can’t let you go yet
You are nowhere near my life
Yet you’re here all the time

Hopefully this post will serve as my official severing of the relationship. My starts are the ends. This is THE END!!!


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