I imagined it

I imagined it like
a wave washing
over me and all
I have ever known

a black surge that
reflected nothing,
consuming all it
touched and all
that might look
into it

I imagined it like
the cancer it was,
and I did not run

I was its epicenter
I was already
everything evil
emanated from me

I was resigned
to my fate, I would
follow it down, no
matter what devilish
path it chose

somewhere in my
journey, it released
me and I floated to
the surface, seven
minutes I languished
seeing only dark
feeling nothing

isolation began
to lift, I could see
ribbons of shapes,
gradually everything
came into focus,
for a time, i was
paralyzed, blinking
the only movement

imagine it like
a prison punishing
by letting me see the
things which I could
never have, telling me
it was just a
short time before I
would finally be free

Is this what is called
freedom, do I live it
day by day?  I am
being tortured, held
captive in a way that
is more evil, than it
was before I was freed

— GB


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