‘Scuse Me Ma’am, Your Bipolar is Showing

There’s a reason we beat this subject to death. We need everyone to know as much as possible about Bipolar Disorder and those of us that suffer from it. This is another great article and contains some very useful links. I hope we all can take the time to read it.


It’s my annual check-up at the cardiologist. I’ve had cardiomyopathy for 3 years, which means my heart is weak and enlarged. The nurse hooks me up for an EKG, chatting pleasantly about the holidays. Mine were great; hers were stressful, but good.

The EKG is over quickly. She removes the sticky probes from my skin and turns to her computer screen to look over my list of medicines. “Are you taking any new medications?” she asks. “Yes,” I tell her. “Lamictal. Celexa. Klonopin. Seroquel.”

She glances at me curiously, and I smirk. “I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I guess heart disease wasn’t enough!” I laugh at myself a little, and she smiles politely and looks away. The chatting’s over. She never meets my eyes again before leaving the room.

It happens, I tell myself. I’m getting used to it. I mentally shrug and start changing into the hospital gown…

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