frenzy of movement

the beat pounds me into a frenzy
of movement that I did not know I
was capable of
your eyes drive me wild when
the melody kicks me across
the dance floor
when our cheeks press together
skin sizzles
bodies melt into a single being
the crescendo of light and sound
sending us
buzzing and trembling and weeping
tasting our essence
holding it together until the
convulsion subsides
the pulse has slowed to a very
low rumble
light builds a cathedral above us
we fall away from each other still
holding hands
trying to keep the orgiastic event
close at heart and mind
there is a struggle but sleep
starts to take us
we crumble to a couch at the
edge of the floor
wrapped in each other’s arms
we are content to slumber
as long as we can

— GB


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