Cutely Vicious

Very good advice for a lot of people. Thank you DB.

Living Well With Depression

Depression’s certainly on the national agenda: celebrities ‘admit’ to having it (always a telling interesting turn of phrase), politicians make errors of judgement because of it; we hear about it everywhere we turn. It’s so common, it must surely have reached “cute” status by now, right?

Here’s another Aussie icon which many consider cute:


Yep, that’s it, the cuddly, sweet-faced koala.

Well, let me tell you a few things about these apparent teddy bears:

  • their mating cries sound like a banshee being tortured by a vampire who’s enraged having been bitten by a werewolf – and that’s when they’re in a good mood
  • despite sleeping up to 20 hours a day, koalas can exhibit very aggressive behaviour
  • they have claws which are capable of injuring people to the point of death.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the little beasties, and certainly more koalas are killed  by dogs and cats or…

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