traces of life

words spill from my brain,
scorch paper,
leave immortal marks,
anger, love, frustration, loss
ashen traces of life
i struggle to recall

pain pulls up to the table
clinking knife to glass,
demanding some wine
to acccompany this horror show
immune to cries
from shattered lives
left in its wake

i am never going to be
what i set out to,
corners turned,
alleys dark,
bring new
colors i have not
dreamed before

i pull pen from paper
re-seat my mind,
and eye,
refocus energy
on well worn territory

alternate paths
to subjects hard to reach,
becoming my own
echoing similar refrains
through the caverns
of my imagination
repeated so many times
it is hard to prove
their veracity
only knowing that
if uttered enough times
they have to be



Untitled 1001

Her coarse words
Damage me
Though I never heard them

I see them in your eyes
The tears
That hurt your heart

They leave scars
On the part of you
I love most

I kiss your lips
Hoping to breathe in
Your pain

Knowing that it is
Just a brief respite
Long enough
To feel the
Love you deserve