These Words

These words say everything
Boiled down to its essence
These words say nothing
Scummy leavings in the bottom of a pan
These words are outrageous
Read through the filter of the Bazaar
These words are joyous
Carried by the voices of the Sunday choir
These words float on the breeze
Sweet scents on butterfly wings
These words hold your hand
Warm solace in the deep deep night
These words are ephemeral
Catch them quick before they’re gone
These words are matter of fact
Listen if you want to hear the truth
These words cost me everything
You may have them for a song



It Happened

It has to have happened
One time
Someone believed
The story I was telling
Someone picked me up
Looked into my eyes
And saw that
I was still there

It has to have happened
One time
Someone saw past
The gibberish
I was speaking
To an empty chair
And put their arms
Around me
So I wouldn’t have to
Go through it alone

It has to have happened
One time
I sat and stared
Out the window
Trying to convince myself
That I had
A place in this world
And someone
Encouraged me
To take inventory
Of my life
To look at everything
That is inside
To be proud
Of who I am

It has to have happened
One time
You took a chance
On loving me
Giving me
A place to rest
Something to count on
The ability
To be free

It has happened
Over and over again
I fall asleep
And wake up
Knowing that
You are with me
Holding my hand
A kiss on my cheek
Smiling with me
Feeling more love
Than ever before



Soar through me
Behind me
Beneath me
Be me
So I can steal
You away
Take you to
A place where the
Wind is constant
We’ll be free
To ride the waves
With each other,
Rising and diving
Will be our religion
We will worship
In each other’s eyes
Burn for the kiss
Suffer nothing
Be everything
To each other
For each other
With each other


Findin’ The Right Way Home

The line “Findin’ the right way home” appears several times in different forms in Jimmy Buffett’s song, “Incommunicado”.  But it’s the line that has stood out to me over the past several days while the song has rolled around my mind.  I think it’s because I’ve been searching for a home, a permanent home for going on five years now.  Whether it’s a physical home, a spiritual home, a metaphorical home… I don’t know the answer to that.  I thought I had found it in San Diego and there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t long to be back there.  I just keep thinking that I can make it work out there, somehow.  I don’t know what was so toxic, I just know that something was.  But enough of that.  Here’s the song that has been with me for the past two days.

by Jimmy Buffett

Travis McGee’s still in Cedar Key
That’s what John McDonald said
My rendezvous so long overdue
With all of the things I’ve sung and read
They still apply to me, they all make sense in time

But now I’m incommunicado
Driving by myself down the road with a hole in it
Songs with no bravado
Takin’ the long way home

Now on the day that John Wayne died
I found myself on the continental divide
Tell me where do we go from here?
Think I’ll ride into Leadville and have a few beers
Think of “Red River”, “Liberty Valence” can’t believe
the old man’s gone

But now he’s incommunicado
Leaving such a hole in a world that believed
That a life with such bravado
Was taking the right way home

So when I finished the last line
I put the book by itself on the shelf
With my heart in it
Never wasting time takin’ the right way home
I know you’re never wastin’ time
Findin’ the right way home

Still I am incommunicado
Livin’ next door to a leg with a pin in it
Never wastin’ time, takin’ the right way home

a star

When I wished upon a star
I always looked at you to
See if you were also wishing
Your bright eyes would smile
And you would tilt your head
Motioning me back to the house

When I wish upon a star
I turn to look to see if you
Are also wishing
But you are not there
You are a star in the sky
Shining bright, a little twinkle
Motions me back to our home

— GB

door 521

one flight up and through
door 521 is the first real
home where I lived
alone, my life solitary,
not lonely, full of life,
full of music and light.

a place, where I learned
things, about life, about
love, about death and
mortality, about the
nature of being human,
about human nature,
I learned about how
to be a friend, and how
to deal with betrayal,

I learned about music,
about sex, I learned
to appreciate the sound
of freedom, even in
the middle of a migraine

I learned how to write,
how to get deep down
inside and express the
deepest and the darkest

I learned how to escape
into myself, I learned what
depression really is

But most of all, wrapping
all these things and more
together I learned
what it is to be me

— GB