Soar through me
Behind me
Beneath me
Be me
So I can steal
You away
Take you to
A place where the
Wind is constant
We’ll be free
To ride the waves
With each other,
Rising and diving
Will be our religion
We will worship
In each other’s eyes
Burn for the kiss
Suffer nothing
Be everything
To each other
For each other
With each other


3/4 Time

We live a life filled with music
I hear you softly humming
In the wind through the trees
With my eyes closed,
In a silent room
Your voice creeps into my head
Making itself comfortable
More than a long found friend
Soon we are singing the familiar chords
That brought us together
Then, and now
The notes lilt and sway
Catch up then lay back
Waiting for that moment
To let the full orchestra in
As it speaks our tale
Forever captured in 3/4 time



this life leaves marks
you can press and pull and scratch…
try to make them go away
but they won’t

but when you look at the
setting sun
watch it quiver as it crosses
the horizon

revel in the ways
the rays touch you
play hide and seek
with the long shadows

notice how they fade
into the night
the marks becoming
less significant
as your senses embrace
the dark

feeling marks merge
into your experience
making way
for more to come


the desert

lost in the desert of my life
waiting for a message,
what direction should I go
to find you, that’s the only
thing I want for my life,
I crane my neck to look over
the top of the dunes, all I
can see is an endless river
of sand, solitude and sorrow,
flowing away with my
happiness on golden grains
slipping through my fingers,
where I am left longing to
see you again no matter
how far across this desert
you may be

— GB

Forever Kisses

I am limp and unresponsive
Until you touch me
Your hand on my cheek
Equals life
Your breath
My first in…

Forever kisses me
Back into a world
That I forgot
That I had not
Could exist

For me
With your sweet
Face in it
That keeps my
Heart Beating
That brings
Tears to my eyes

The Words
I Love You
To my lips

— GB


I am constantly searching for closure in everything I write.  Sometimes it works out, other times, most times, I start but do not finish.  But I had a thought.  My writing is not the only place I strive for closure.  I try to find it everywhere in my life.  What I am learning and trying to live is that life is infinite in it’s possibilities.  Gaining closure something I have aspired to for many situations in my life but it happens in fewer and fewer places.  So, I have to consider alternatives.  Maybe what I need is an answer, not necessarily the answer.  That would certainly go a long way towards answering questions I have about things in my Bipolar Life.  I don’t know for sure, and I may have mentioned this before, I believe that my encounter with Bipolar Disorder started on St. Patrick’s Day, 2003.

I know, I know… this again.  I think the fact that I lost my life for seven seconds on March 17, 2003 and that I started having bouts of depression after that may be an indication that something inside my brain took a hit that day.  Somewhere in the process of dying and being brought back set me on the path I find myself on now.  This is something I will never know the answer to, I will never find closure here, but I have to believe that I am on the right track.  I do find it puzzling that it took four to six years for the mania and psychoses to start but that will have to be a footnote to the story.

What does all of this have to do with getting closure in what I write?  Well, I think that it will be easier for me if I don’t always put the pressure on to finish what I’m writing.  Maybe what I’ve written is done without an extra paragraph, stanza, verse or line I’ve been working on for hours.  I’ll try it out and see how it goes.  Please don’t hesitate to call me on anything.