true victory

everything I see is false
a cruel joke to somebody
I am not who I try so very
hard to convince myself
I am, it wants me to believe
so much, it allows me to
question it, it doesn’t even
stop me from trying to
make it crumble, if I
succeed in proving that
all is false, I will have
bought myself a nice little
victory, I will have proven
that this little game is
exactly that and I will
have won and it will have
to slink out into a
corner far away and
in my victory I will be
left with……….

— GB


Vanishing Point?

When I walk out in the middle of a field
Or to the edge of the ocean
I get lost somewhere between where I am standing
And the minute, seemingly indiscernible line
Where the Earth meets the heavens
That distant point, where everything becomes part of everything else…
I wonder if anyone has ever reached that point,
And become one with me
For I am part of everything and everything is part of me,
You don’t even have to go there to be in it,
It is a never-ending journey,
Because, for every step you take towards it,
It becomes another step away,
There is somewhere else you have to look,
If you want to find everything,
And somewhere else you have to go,
If you want to be everything

— GB