Soar through me
Behind me
Beneath me
Be me
So I can steal
You away
Take you to
A place where the
Wind is constant
We’ll be free
To ride the waves
With each other,
Rising and diving
Will be our religion
We will worship
In each other’s eyes
Burn for the kiss
Suffer nothing
Be everything
To each other
For each other
With each other


3/4 Time

We live a life filled with music
I hear you softly humming
In the wind through the trees
With my eyes closed,
In a silent room
Your voice creeps into my head
Making itself comfortable
More than a long found friend
Soon we are singing the familiar chords
That brought us together
Then, and now
The notes lilt and sway
Catch up then lay back
Waiting for that moment
To let the full orchestra in
As it speaks our tale
Forever captured in 3/4 time


Ancient Rants*

I can feel you hiding there on the corner of the bed with your knife-like incisors dripping to sink yourself into my flesh into my night disrupting my dreams waiting until I’m comfortable with the covers and pillows before you are ready to do your dirty work I can hear you there beginning your tiny moan at the back of my throat that will turn into a whimper and then a sob as you have your way with me and I spend another few hours tossing and turning and ruining the rest of my day before it even gets started
I am my own seething pile of bile stench vomited from the belly of despair seeking the only true way to expose myself and the pain that lives in the darkest opposites of the light that is the apparent path to truth spoon-fed to us on those half asleep Sunday mornings by the droning voice of brotherhood offered to numbed masses as the answer to questions whispered in vain attempts to gain access to the path which will eventually lead us to the freedom from the pain that is the reality we are convinced is how we must experience life
Shit fuck and more shit fuck! The horseshit that people have to fill themselves with to get along with their world is something that is hard for me to deal with I know that I’m also guilty of it so there is no excuse but when it is directed at me, I am loath to abide by it so if you feel the need to delude yourself to make it easier to live with yourself, keep your shit and lies away from me I’m looking for some honesty in my daily dealings and I need it more now than ever
Go fuck yourself you rude cunt! I can’t believe that you even have the nerve to come in here and say that kind of shit there are certain levels of treatment that a person should be able to expect and what that was, just was not it you are an evil, inconsiderate, shrew that will no longer be considered worthy of any attention from me whatsoever I am quite certain it is in my power to be sure you cease to exist in my world… be gone, you are banished, never to draw my attention again, you wraith of stench
I will start by saying that everything you think you know about me is pure shit not that I have been lying, it’s just that you can’t see all there is I guess I don’t really know how far it goes either “I guess you could say that I’m, testing the bounds of reality” I feel as though I could single-handedly tear down all the various and assorted ideas that are bouncing their way around the whole universe at the same time I feel like I’m failing at even finding out who I am for me, and no one else


*Circa 2003 (not one of my finest years)