Soar through me
Behind me
Beneath me
Be me
So I can steal
You away
Take you to
A place where the
Wind is constant
We’ll be free
To ride the waves
With each other,
Rising and diving
Will be our religion
We will worship
In each other’s eyes
Burn for the kiss
Suffer nothing
Be everything
To each other
For each other
With each other


in every being…

in every being…

lines and riddles
cries and giggles

slip quickly from hands
that don’t know
what they’re missing

soft winds
through the leaves,
kissing chimes
crystals sparkle,
whispering tiny songs
of hope
that expand with every breath
into gales strong enough
to embrace the world,
quiet enough to
reveal the sounds
of the autumn sky


3/4 Time

We live a life filled with music
I hear you softly humming
In the wind through the trees
With my eyes closed,
In a silent room
Your voice creeps into my head
Making itself comfortable
More than a long found friend
Soon we are singing the familiar chords
That brought us together
Then, and now
The notes lilt and sway
Catch up then lay back
Waiting for that moment
To let the full orchestra in
As it speaks our tale
Forever captured in 3/4 time


my own truth

if I could only saw apart
this dream I have of you
I would be able to get at
the gooey sweet and sour
center that might explain
what happened to us

it cannot ever be taken back
it only hangs on in fragments
as I move forward
I never remember
the whole story
all at the same time

where is the secret
super-glue that can bind
my mind to the reality
that it will not see

the pieces of my past
are hurled at me,
I dodge and weave
wanting to know everything
but only accepting my own truth

— GB

untitled #502

do you speak the same truth
that I am hoping to hear,
I am looking for something,
all the words are going in
the wrong direction,
swooping and diving
around my head,
painting pictures of things
that do not look palatable,
leaving a dirty taste
on my outstretched tongue,
trying to catch snowflakes
floating from the wrong heart

— GB

We Were Superheroes

I remember
I don’t understand
I remember it all
I don’t understand any of it

We were floating
Through this world
That didn’t have any
We were invincible
We were superheroes

We stole more time
Than we ever deserved,
We spent it faster
Than it could tick away

There was a single
Simple moment
That told me everything
I ever needed to know
About you

You told me
The end was coming,
You didn’t shed a tear,
I was bawling,
I still do

— GB